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We're building an army, an army of love.
19th-Jul-2011 02:37 am - 11 x Kerli avatars.
This is also my first post here (or to any lj-community, to be honest) and this time I'm here to offer you some avatars.
Feel free to use, but some credit would be nice.

(And apologizies for some bad english.)


11 x Kerli avatars...
F O L L O W . ME . The rest is in my lj~ ♥
9th-Jun-2011 04:34 pm - New Owner Found
The new owner of [info]kerli_fans  is [info]synthelement .

They have done some awesome things for this community such as create the layout and I'm sure they will take great care of this community.
4th-Jun-2011 08:22 pm - Search for a New Owner
Hey guys I'm looking for someone to take over the community. Due to being busy and a few other things. I can't maintain this community anymore. Leave a comment in this post if you're interested. Sometime in the next  few days, I'll choose the new owner.
31st-Mar-2011 05:08 pm - New Pics + Ustream Chat
Live Chat TODAY at 4 PM PST at Her Ustream Channel!

These pics were for an Estonian magazine:

More Here
21st-Mar-2011 01:06 am - Buzznet SXSW
Kerli's been pretty busy lately and recently she preformed in Buzznet's SXSW Showcase. Their was a live stream but four songs where not shown because of her management. Some of the moonchildren that where there recorded the concert too.

The Set List was:

1. New Song- No one knows the name of. It may be the first single. K-I-S-S-I-N-G is spelled out in the song.
2. New Song- Speed Limit
3. Walking on Air
4. New Song- When You Cry
5. Bulletproof
6. New Song- Bubble Gum
7. Army of Love (Extended Edit)
8.  New Song- Super Girl

Videos Under The CutCollapse )
27th-Jan-2011 08:40 pm - Lots of News Again
Kerli - Army of Love [Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix]

New Pic of Kerli with Vespertine

Information on how to win free s**t from Sugarpill: http://iamamoonchild.net/?p=771

Lastly the Ustream Chat Video was not saved.

Feel free to make your own posts this is last post for awhile.
24th-Jan-2011 01:45 pm - Lots of News
Army of Love is now available on Youtube.

Kerli was featured in a CNN Article:
The next wave of European pop stars invade L.A.

Army of Love @ Eesti TOP 7


Live Chat Tomorrow (Tuesday 1/25 at #PM PST)

Also Kerli's best friend Verspertine put one of his new songs on his
8th-Jan-2011 02:53 pm - Kerli "Bubble Goth" makeup tutorial

Kerli does a "Bubble Goth" makeup tutorial for The Road Tested, January 2011

28th-Dec-2010 02:32 pm - Mod Post:
Hi everyone, it's another mod post. I would like to talk about getting this community some more members. This community really doesn't have a lot going on right, it's pretty silent actually. So I think we should try to get more members. It would be great if everyone participated but of course you don't have to. I was thinking one good way to get more members is we could try to get a on spotlight this community. The information to spotlight this community is available below. Also it would be great if we could try to spread the word of this com.

Okay this isn't a contest so there's no winners or prizes but it would be great if you can help out in whatever way you can. That would be awesome and very appreciated.

here to spotlight the community.

Spotlight Info:
Username or community name: kerli_fans
Name of journal/community: kerli fans @ lj
Quick description of journal or community and why you find it interesting: Put whatever you would like here.
Are you the journal/community owner?: No
If we select this journal/community/post for the LJ homepage, do we have permission from the owner to show a screenshot and URL? Yes

Also I would like to remind everyone that all entries should be able to be viewed by everyone. The only posts that are members only are the posts that contain download links. As of right now I don't see any reason to set all posts to members only.

Any comments/questions/concerns please leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap.
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