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We're building an army, an army of love.
21st-Dec-2010 11:33 pm - Vlogs and Exclusive Pics
Vlog #4

Vlog #5

here for exclusive pics from the video.

The video will be officially released tomorrow!

Guys don't forget you can post here too! Post all you want. The video will be out tomorrow so feel free to post it! I want people to have fun.

This song Kerli wrote for her grandpas and grandmas art show at Elva. “Stay Golden” because was her grand’s Golden Weeding Celebration. 

At the beginning, Kerli said: Hey gran and grandpa. And all my relatives and guests who are there tonight. First of all, im very very sorry that I cant be with you today and im sad i cant be home for Christmas but, grandpa, the last time i came to Estonia, we sat upstairs in your music room and talked about music and inspiration; and you inspired me a lot and thought because you have your golden anniversary with gran, id write you a golden song. and with the song i want to tell you that you should always stay as beautiful, i love you a lot a lot a lot and the longer im away the more i get to understand how wonderful you really are. im recording this from my bedroom so if you hear car noises from outside, then please just don't pay any attention to them. 

There are moments in life that
You’d like to forget or deny
But everything that hurts
Will make us stronger
Always, dear one, remember

Stay golden
Through the storm
Through the red rust
Stay golden
Through the cold
Through the blizzard
Through the frost

Stay golden
May today be good
And tomorrow even better

There are moments in life
when u feel so alone in a crowded room.
But after losing everything,
winning tastes so much sweeter.

Always, dear one, remember that

Stay golden
Through the storm
Through the red rust
Stay golden
Through the cold
Through the blizzard
Through the frost

Stay golden
May today be good
And tomorrow even better

Stay golden
Stay golden
Stay golden

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* ETA: The AOL download is finally working for everyone!

So beautiful!
17th-Dec-2010 02:20 pm - AoL Premiere!
Army of Love is out now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get the song here.

I love it. Finally, the bubblegoth era has began.
12th-Dec-2010 02:12 pm - Army of Love Webisode #3

#4 should be coming really soon, most likely tomorrow!
9th-Dec-2010 10:02 pm - Tea Party Pics
Here are some photos taken at the Tea Party Video Shoot.

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Kerli is gearing up to unveil the video for her new single, 'Army of Love,' and leading up to our exclusive premiere, she'll be checking in with weekly websiodes, featuring photos, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

In her first video, the Estonia native talks about her modest upbringing, and how she created her own idealized life. "While growing up in a communist mindset where nobody could be creative or artistic or, God forbid, different in any way, I really felt a strong need to escape the gray surroundings, so I actually started creating a fantasy world for myself since I was very little," she says.

Coming from a poor family, her mother made all of her clothes, and it was from her that Kerli learned to make something out of nothing. "I always show my fans a lot of behind the scenes, too, because I don't want them to think that something creative is exclusive to having a lot of money," she adds. "I think you can make everything out of whatever. Pretty much, if you can imagine it in your head, you can absolutely create it."

Kerli's forthcoming album is due in 2011, and she says her strife has been her biggest muse. "Struggle can be the greatest lesson and the greatest source of inspiration," she explains. "My new album is about to come out next year and it's all about overcoming the struggle."

Watch Kerli's first webisode and read and exclusive Q&A with the singer below. Want to learn more about Kerli and the I.L.U movement? Visit

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7th-Nov-2010 05:59 pm - Two more Estonian Articles

"Normally, I would still not be recognized," said U.S. singer Kerli arrived Kõiv TV3 news. "I'm in a large hood and I have two pairs of jeans with Estonia," she told the three-week period of home video recordings.

Last night was a famous singer in Tallinn to see cinema Friendship, which took place in Tallinn moešõu Dolls. So Õhtulehe TV3 news photographer when you left the camera for Kerli, although there was little recognizable. Also new were kiharad long time hiding under the wig. "Hair is actually quite a new topic," Kerli leaves a mystery, until the emergence of a new video.

Kerli likes to play hide and seek with the public. Still, for the next album and the video accompanying a completely new stage musical career would be even more influential.

"I can not mysterious way around. I'm trying to create a completely new visual," said Kerli, whose video is going to be one of love for the army, which is just the beginning of Estonia.

Video is the principle of the use of all local people. "I think that all Estonians are proud when they see this video," added Kerli.

There is a video of Kerli's interview at the
source along with the original text!

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